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New Magazine from Genetic Austria called Fleckvieh Changes

A New Magazine from Genetic Austria called Fleckvieh Changes in English for the first time. It details the changes in the Fleckvieh Breed in the past 20 yrs. For the first time ever the Austrian Fleckvieh Cow has produced more kg of Fat&Pro per lactation than the Holstein cow in Austria the Fleckvieh cow averaged 8000lts and the Holstein Cow 9000lts. I will detail some of the findings in the study. The average Fleckvieh Cow give 2,344kg of Fat&Pro in 4 lactations, but perhaps more important she has the ability to have four valuable beef off-spring. She has the ability to produce 4 Ton of live Beef. The two Bull calves that are finished 22-24 months at 900kg and 2 Heifers 700kg at 24-26 months and her own cull weight of 800kg. The study found that the Holstein Cow had her highest muscle mass in her first lactation which the Fleckvieh Cow improved every lactation to her 7-8 lactation. The double Effect of milk and meat is the key to environmentally efficient production but it also gives the farmers an important additional source of income if he fattens the calves or sells them to other beef farmers. The Austrian Farmers says that the Fleckvieh cow produces 4 off-springs in her life time. 2 males for Beef, 2 females – one for Beef or export and the other to replace her mother. Austria has the same number of cows as N.I. Austria exports approx. 40,000 Females per year across Europe. A recent study in America has found beef from the Dairy Herd is 3-4 times more climate friendly in terms of greenhouse gas emissions than beef from a suckler cow. For a copy of this very interesting study Text your details to Jim Hamilton 07590444732.

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