• Excellent Fertility
  • Superb Feet & Legs
  • Improve Fat & Protein
  • Long Life Cows
  • Maintain Milk Yield
  • Low Cell Count
  • High Calf Value
  • High Cull Value
  • Cut Vet Bills
  • Good Temperament

So what makes Fleckvieh so good? Fleckvieh cows and Fleckvieh cross breeds have a high development potential. They do not burn themselves out after their first lactation and due to their longevity they often reach their peak performance at later lactation.

Thanks to the progress made in genetics, Fleckvieh cows nowadays achieve a milk output that is comparable to that of extreme dairy breeds while at the same time having a clear edge with regard to udder health, milk speed, cell count and high solids.

Best suited for dairy crossbreeding Fleckvieh provides additional income due to a genetically high fertility and fitness, the best milk quality and high sales price for bull calves.

"A Fleckvieh calf is more than just a means of triggering new lactation"

Dairy farmers appreciate the good milk yields, the excellent solids and the physical construction of the resulting animal.

The results of breeding for simple, easy care cows are demonstrated in a National Herd replacement rate of just 21% and 32% of all milking are in their 4th lactation or over.

The other main aspect of the Fleckvieh breed from the farmers view is the belief that the bull calf is a valuable source of income, not just another problem; basically cows are their living... not their life.

Sexed Semen also available from select bulls.

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